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Sanitising Services For Covid-19

Disinfecting an office, business or shop is typically a task cleaning services are rarely asked to conduct under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, the spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) throughout the world has heightened the need for sanitising and professional cleaning. 

To combat the growing demand for pristine clean surfaces and work environments, MHL Facilities are actively supporting our valued clients by carrying out COVID-19 preventative sanitising using the latest Electric and Electrostatic Spraying technology. 

Our fully qualified and trained team will ensure your high standards of cleanliness for staff and customers are not only met but exceeded by enhancing overall customer experience. 

We understand cleaning needs from a retailer's perspective thanks to serving the healthcare sector and major clients such as Supervalu and Musgraves.

Sanitising your office, business or shop will keep staff and customers safe. Call us now

Why is Electric and Electrostatic Spraying Better Than Conventional Cleaning Methods For Disinfecting?

  • More Even Coverage Of Surfaces

  • Save Time By Covering and Re-Visiting Large Areas

We offer professional cleaning services to help keep your business pristine clean during Covid-19

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