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Carpet Upholstery

MHL Facilities’s Carpet and Upholstery Care is backed by our Guarantee of satisfaction. You can count on MHL Facilities for Satisfaction Guaranteed.
We offer two types of techniques, Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning.
When our professionally trained technicians arrive at your business / home, they will start with a pre-inspection to identify problem areas. On completion, a special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibres to loosen embedded dirt.
This is followed by a high -powered extraction and pH--balancing fibre rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet completely clean.


To have your carpet and upholstery cleaned by the experts, get in contact with MHL Facilities today.

Carpet Protectors & Deodorisers: We also provide carpet & upholstery protectors which are excellent in preventing everyday dust and soil, foot traffic, spills, pet mishaps and all other types of water and oiled based stains from penetrating into the fibres.

Revitalise your carpet and upholstery with our professional upholstery and carpet cleaning services.

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